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What is Superhero Training Academy?

Superhero Training Academy is exactly what it sounds like: this is a place of learning to help youth transform to superheroes. We believe that anyone, given the proper training, can become more super.

We have developed a fitness schedule specifically for youth to help them get stronger. But this academy is not just about physical strength. We help them learn valuable life lessons to strengthen their minds.

We teach them the difference between being good, being a hero, and taking it to the next level - being a superhero. We teach them the value of discipline, selflessness, and in doing good every day.


They'll learn about the importance of nutrition and why our bodies need specific things to grow and develop properly.  Each week they'll discover something new to learn about and work towards.

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Why should someone do this program?

Too many youth today struggle with basic physical tasks. We've developed an assessment that you can use to see if your child could benefit from this program. 

We want the youth of today to truly become the heroes of tomorrow. Being able to do hard things, to push yourself physically, and to care for others, are all signs of greatness.


We noticed a problem in the world- that youth are not being as active as they used to be. Video games, social media, and online videos have made it difficult for youth to break away and get the physical exercise they need. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe way for them to exercise. 

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How does this program work?

We'll just give you the basics here. The first four weeks of the program, the participant is considered a recruit. Those weeks are designed to help the hero in training get moving, improve flexibility, and start to gain confidence. This is accomplished through simple exercises like yoga and stretching.

From there, the hero will start to do more strength training, while learning valuable lessons about being selfless, disciplined, and having good nutrition.

In the first year, the hero will rank up more quickly. As they move through the ranks, the workouts are designed to get harder.

At the end of the year, they will be given a physical fitness test, along with a few questions about what they have learned this year. It is up to the parent to administer this test and mark it complete. After the completion of the test, the hero will move on to Year 2. 

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Please feel free to send us am email with any questions you have!

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