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Becoming a Superhero

Rank System

Each new member to join the Superhero Training Academy starts as a Recruit. The first four weeks is designed to get the recruit comfortable moving and gaining flexibility. After completing segments of training, the little hero will reach new ranks. New ranks will allow him/her to go on more missions and meet other superheroes. 

Class Schedule

Each year will consist of 48 weeks of content. We understand that even little heroes need to take a break and will be on vacations or out for the holidays.

The schedule will have three days a week of exercise, giving the little hero time to rest. There will be one day of learning about superhero attributes, while the other will be an outside class assignment.

Weekly Class Schedule:

·         Day 1: Exercise

·         Day 2: Learning Day

·         Day 3: Exercise

·         Day 4: Outside class assignment

·         Day 5: Exercise

The learning day will be focused on teaching the little hero the basics of becoming a superhero. We’ll focus on principles like discipline, selflessness, and nutrition.

The outside class assignment is designed to get the little hero looking for ways to serve those around them. It could also be something as simple as going for a walk (with the family) or climbing the stairs. These days will help the little hero grow.

Exercise Content

Each rank will have the videos listed by week. The little hero will need to complete the videos before the next rank and videos will be available.

Once all the videos for the year have been completed, an end-of-year test will be given. There will be a physical as well as written/verbal test. It is up to the parent to administer and sign off on these tests.


We will not be performing tests. These should be very simple tests and only take a few minutes to complete. This is to ensure that the little hero is ready to advance. Each year gets progressively harder. Once the tests have been completed, the next year will be unlocked. 

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