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Our Philosophy

At Superhero Training Academy, we believe that our children are the future and need to be given the proper tools to succeed in life. Those tools include confidence, discipline, and a hunger to improve.


We’ve seen the trends, and there’s never been a time in history when an exercise program was more needed for children. But let’s face it, getting children to do anything can be a constant battle. Well, we’re here to tell you that the battle lines have been redrawn when it comes to childhood fitness.

Here at the academy, we’ve developed a new way to help children exercise. Each workout has a theme or an assignment from a superhero. We want the kids to have fun while also getting in better shape. We utilize their most important asset: imagination. They’ll go on awesome missions with superheroes while they go through their training.


We’ll start out not needing any equipment, which means your child can exercise anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to remember a specific time or drive them anywhere. They can start getting stronger from the comfort of your own home!


Part of getting stronger is strengthening the mind. We will have one day of learning during the week to help teach your children things like the importance of good nutrition, how to serve others, and the difference between being good and being a superhero.


As children start to get stronger physically, their confidence will increase. That increased confidence, along with continuing regular exercise, will benefit their mental health. While technology isn’t inherently bad, we all know staring at YouTube for hours doesn’t do us much good. Instead, utilize technology to get your little hero moving. After all, children that are active are twice as likely to be active as adults.

Join the Academy today and start the journey of becoming a superhero!

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