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The Superhero Training Academy is a place for today’s youth to train to become the heroes of tomorrow. At the Academy, we want youth to train in the three main pillars of: physical, mental, and character. We will work on each of these at different times.


There are three days of exercise. These start out very basic and get more advance the further into the Academy the little hero progresses. There are absolutely no requirements to get started. Anyone who has a desire to become a superhero can embark on this journey.

For the first year, we will not need any equipment. During the second and third year, a package will become available but the equipment can be purchased anywhere. Don’t worry, it won’t be expensive.


Each week at the Academy, there will be one learning day. We highly encourage the young hero to watch these and learn from them. Part of becoming a superhero is having a strong mind and a thirst for knowledge.

We’ll cover topics like what it takes to become a superhero, how discipline works, what nutrition is and how to take care of our bodies through good foods, and how to be selfless, to name a few. We want the little heroes to understand that being super doesn’t mean being physically strong, but able to learn and grow.


A very important pillar, we will focus on helping the little heroes improve their character. We define character as how you respond to situations. We’ll discuss things like why it’s important to keep your room clean. Imagine being a superhero and not being able to find your super suit!

We’ll also talk about responding to difficult situations without using anger. Superheroes need to have a cool head and be able to always think clearly. These will be mixed in with learning days and throughout the other trainings.

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